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NPOI 2.2.0

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Released: Aug 1, 2015
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Release Notes

This is pre-release version of NPOI 2.2.0.

NOTE: There is no corresponding nuget release for alpha version.

New Feature
1. Implement FIXED, PROPER, DMIN and DGET functions
2. XSSF support for evaluating formula references to other Workbooks
3. Read text from SDTs at the table cell level, including (sometimes) Cover Page, Table of Contents and Bibliography
4. Double Strikethrough support for XWPF runs
5. XSSFSheet support for getDrawingPatriarch(), alongside the existing createDrawingPatriarch() method
6. Start on common interfaces for Paragraphs and Character Runs for XWPF
7. Basic text extractor for older Excel 4,5 and 95 formats
8. Add NPOIFS in-place write support, including updating the contents of existing entries
9. Support loading .xlsx files with no Styles Table

POI Bug fixes
57880 - Handle >32,767 cell styles and formats in XSSF (file format limit is 64,000)
57826 - If a XSSF shape has a buFont but no bullet character, mirror Excel and treat as un-bulleted
56017 - Fix shifting comments with shifted rows
56295 - Fix cloning of styles across workbooks and handling of default value of attribute applyFill
56380 - Remove limitation of 1024 comments per Workbook
56467 - Fix cloning of sheets with pictures
57171 - Adjust the active sheet in setSheetOrder()
57163 - Adjust the active sheet in removeSheet()
57165 - Avoid PartAlreadyExistsException when removing/cloning sheets
57196 - Resolve RefEval to it's inner ValueEval in Hex2Dec
57482 - Handle XSLX files with no shared strings table in read-only mode
46898 - XSSF: Return #VALUE! for circular references.
46912 - Add methods to query outline level for HSSF and XSSF
49541 - Mapping of symbol characters to unicode equivalent
57007 - Add initial implementations of DMIN and DGET functions
57373 - Fix get/setFirstVisibleTab() for XSSFWorkbook
57231 - Add missing ArrayRecord.clone()
56511 - Fix NullPointerException for RichText strings with no formatting for some runs.
56888 - XSSFDataValidation ignores "allow blank" read from sheet, assumes true
57236 -
57254 - XWPF: Correctly build internal list of styles when styles are added
57312 - XWPF: Add check for null value of underline w:val
57355 -
57164 - XSSFDrawing.createCellComment() does not honor dx and dy values passed in
57003 - Add implementation of function FIXED
57185 - Correct naming from "Serie" to "Series"
57010 - Add implementation of function PROPER
55280 - XSSF: Greatly improve performance of shifting rows in sheets with many merged regions.
48195 - Formulas: Fix incorrect evaluation of IF() with ROW()/COLUMN() as else-result.
56914 - XSSFRowShifter.updateConditionalFormatting throws IOOBE when there are more than 1 CTConditionalFormatting
51222 - XSSFColor.getARGBHex() returns wrong color for Excel 2007 xlsx file
56864 - XWPFLatentStyles.isLatentStyle always returns true if there is at least 1 lsdException
57151 - And documentation and validation in CellRangeAddress to prevent invalid row/column combinations

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