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NPOI 1.2.4

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Released: Nov 2, 2011
Updated: Nov 2, 2011 by tonyqus
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Application NPOI 1.2.4 assembly
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Release Notes


In this release, we fixed most of the bugs found in POI 3.6 and POI 3.7.

NPOI Bug Fixes
5157 - HSSFSheet.FitToPage property is added. It doesn't work previously.
7271 - Cell formula that has been "dragged" down cannot be read. Patch is applied
xxx - Bad padding calculation
3804 - NPOI doesn't work with a Excel template with macro

POI Bug Fixes
46547 - ClassCastException in HSSFSheet.shiftRows(...)
47363 - Fixed HSSFSheet to allow addition of data validations after sheet protection
45066 - sheet encoding size mismatch problems
49026 - added implementation for text() (poi-developers)
46654 - HSSFRow/RowRecord to properly update cell boundary indexes(POI-DEVELOPERS)
46385 - (also patch 46362) fix serialization of StyleRecord with unicode name(POI-DEVELOPERS)
47069 - Fixed HSSFSheet#getFirstRowNum and HSSFSheet#getLastRowNum to return correct values after removal of all rows(POI-DEVELOPERS)
48325 - bad text 'Page &P of &N' and similar errors when reading in spreadsheets
48485 - add extra paper size constans to printsetup, such as a3, b4 and b5(poi-developers)
48425 - improved performance of dateutil.iscelldateformatted() (poi-developers)
49524 - add vertical text orientation method
47001 - Fixed WriteAccessRecord and LinkTable to handle unusual format written by Google Docs(POI-DEVELOPERS)
46368 - Fix HSSFRichTextRun and strings longer than 32768 characters(POI-DEVELOPERS)
48292 - Support of array formulas
49820 - ParagraphProperties.getLvl() returns 0 for both Level 1 and Body text
- fixed HSSFWorkbook.createCellStyle to throw exception if the maximum number of cell styles was exceeded(poi-developers)
47405 - Improved performance of RowRecordsAggregate.getStartRowNumberForBlock / getEndRowNumberForBlock(poi-developers)
46250 -Workbook cloneSheet() - clone images
48026 - duplicate footer and header
46664 - Print Area does not save in HSSF worksheets
49761 - Double.NaN can be written but not read with POI
47309 - Number of Cell Comments in a sheet limited to 65536 with HSSF
46776 - POI does not work when run the method "cloneSheet()"
47250 - Fixed FontRecord to expect unicode flags even when name length is zero(POI-DEVELOPERS)
47198 - Fixed formula evaluator comparison of -0.0 and 0.0(POI-DEVELOPERS)
46287 - Control of header and footer extraction in ExcelExtractor / XSSFExcelExtractor(POI-DEVELOPERS)
47154 - Handle the cell format @ as the same as General(POI-DEVELOPERS)
40520 - Fixed HSSFFont.applyFont() to properly apply font to overlapping regions(POI-DEVELOPERS)
45720 - cloneSheet breaks autofilters
46643 - Formula parser should encode explicit range operator with tMemFunc
51481 - Office 2007 warning if using autofilter
50681 - autoSizeColumn sets column width beyond 255 character limit for XSSF sheets and HSSF Sheets
50912 - Applying an HSSFCellStyle on an HSSFCell has no effect
51143 - NameCommentRecord correction for writing non ASCII strings(poi-developers)

New Features
a. Add NameCommentRecord, HeaderFooterRecord
b. AutoFilter Phrase II - it's able to create autofilter at any cell range
c. Add the method to determine if the cell is merged or not
d. Support compilation with MonoDeveloper
e. Change all interface name to start with 'I'
f. NPOI .NET 4.0 assembly is included in this release

This release is as same as googlecode download:

Reviews for this release

Very good. Would be "excellent", if the comments would not all be visible... I have not found a way to add excel cell comments that are not ALL ALWAYS visible.
by NNM on Nov 22, 2011 at 1:08 PM
very good!!!
by tianyatmq on Nov 10, 2011 at 5:03 AM
i do not you mean
by vqt2prt on Oct 2, 2011 at 8:12 AM
by snow6617 on Jun 26, 2011 at 3:17 PM