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Problem With Excel 2013 Worksheet Losing Attrubuites

Jun 22 at 2:23 PM
I have been trying to update a spreadsheet that has a lot of Cell Formatting;
When I just Open using " hssfwb = new XSSFWorkbook(file);"
and Write to a New File I get a recovery Error stating some content had issues.
here is the log:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="true"?>
-<recoveryLog xmlns="">
<summary>Errors were detected in file 'C:\Checklist.xlsx'</summary>
-<repairedParts summary="Following is a list of repairs:">
<repairedPart>Repaired Part: /xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml part with XML error. Load error. Line 1, column 0.</repairedPart>

I have lost the following attributes:
Colum Length.
Data Validation.

Have I exceeded the Limits of this really cool tool?