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how to remove sheet name on conversion to html

Mar 24, 2016 at 1:16 PM
hi, i'm using this code to convert xls to html. in the html i don't want the sheet name , is there a way to exclude from conversion?

HSSFWorkbook workbook = ExcelToHtmlUtils.LoadXls(fileSource);
ExcelToHtmlConverter excelToHtmlConverter = new ExcelToHtmlConverter();
excelToHtmlConverter.OutputColumnHeaders = true;
excelToHtmlConverter.OutputHiddenColumns = false;
excelToHtmlConverter.OutputHiddenRows = false;
excelToHtmlConverter.OutputLeadingSpacesAsNonBreaking = true;
excelToHtmlConverter.OutputRowNumbers = false;
excelToHtmlConverter.UseDivsToSpan = false;