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Formula evaluation, matter of precedence of chain of formulas

Feb 7, 2014 at 3:36 AM

I have a question about how NPOI or POI calculates the whole work book.

Assume we have a formula in Sheet1!a2 which uses results of formula in sheet2!c5 wich usese results of formula in sheest1!b7 and ...

The samples of using evaluateformulacell iterate through all rows and columns one by one. this way is not the same as calculating from the beginning of chain of formulas; in my sample above calculation must start from sheet1!b7, then sheet2!c5 and finally shett1!a2. How is it possible to solve this problem?

I'm using WorkBook.GetCreationHelper().CreateFormulaEvaluator().ClearAllCachedResultValues();
I'm not sure if this one takes care of my question or not?