NPOI 2.0 beta 1

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Released: Mar 6, 2013
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Application NPOI 2.0.1 binary and example
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Release Notes

To get the latest code, please visit

Assembly version: 2.0.1

New features
a. Copy rows, columns inside a sheet
b. Copy sheet between workbooks (contributed by Paul Kratt)
c. OpenXml4Net is stable and ready for use
d. Support new Excel functions such as RATE, RANK, ISERR
e. Support converting from Excel to Html

Example changes
a. Use MemoryStream.WriteTo instead in ExportXlsToDownload in order to avoid out of memory exception
b. add new examples like CalendarDemo, BusinessPlan, CopySheet

NPOI Bug Fixes
11085 Issue with 2.0 Beta: Get an non-Closing Element error
11083 Npoi 2 error in NumericCellValue (XSSFCell)
11169 HSSF Comment is not saved correctly while using a xls template with comment
11383 Access issue creating worksheet
4547 Error when running NPOI with Mono C# compiler version

POI Bug Fixes
53282 - Avoid exception when parsing OPC relationships with non-breaking spaces(poi-developers)
54016 - Avoid exception when parsing workbooks with DConRefRecord in row aggregate(poi-developers)
53404 - Fixed compatibility bug with modifying xls files created by POI-3.6 and earlier(poi-developers)
53763 - avoid style mess when using HSSFOptimiser (poi-developers)
53974 - Avoid NPE when constructing HSSFWorbook on Google App Engine(poi-developers)
53950 - fixed setForceFormulaRecalculation to reset workbook-level "manual" flag(poi-developers)
52211 - avoid unnessary re-coverting content types to US-ASCII, it can cause exceptions on ibm mainframes(poi-developers)
HSSFOptimiser will now also tidy away un-used cell styles, in addition to duplicate styles(poi-developers)
53434 - Subtotal is not return correct value. (poi-developers)
53144 - First comment not cloned after cloneSheet() (poi-developers)
53028 - Broken auto fit row height in the cells with word wrap (poi-developers)
53010 - GSoC2012? Improve drawing support in HSSF (poi-developers)
52764 - Unmodified cell comments disappear after HSSFWorkbook.write (poi-developers)
51676 - Using drawingPatriarch.createCellComment(anchor) leads to File error: data may have been lost (poi-developers)
51455 - It would be really nice to be able to set the background picture of a comment (poi-developers)
48989 - If we have a comment but the row is not created we will not be able to get it. (poi-developers)
48873 - Comments not saving in XLS files with collapsible columns (poi-developers)
46143 - setLineStyleColor for comments donot work (poi-developers)
53699 - Patch to correct BorderStyle? enum positions (poi-developers)
53644 - XLS formula bugfix (CalFieldFunc?) + WeekDay? addon (poi-developers)
53446 - Fixed some problems extracting PNGs (poi-developers)
53204 - Improved performanceof PageSettingsBlock? in HSSF (poi-developers)
53500 - Getter for repeating rows and columns(poi-developers)
53476 - Support Complex Name in formulas (poi-developers)
53414 - properly update sheet dimensions when adding column (poi-developers)
Add File based constructor to OPCPackage, alongside existing String one (which constructed a File from the string internally)(poi-developers)
53389 - Handle formatting General and @ formats even if a locale is prefixed to them(poi-developers)
53058 - Utility for representing drawings contained in a binary Excel file as a XML tree(poi-developers)
48528 - support negative arguments to the DATE() function(poi-developers)
53101 - fixed evaluation of SUM over cell range > 255(poi-developers)~
52928 - DateFormatConverter?: an utility to convert instances of java.text.DateFormat? to Excel format patterns(poi-developers)
52895 - show SSTIndex instead of XFIndex in LabelSSTRecord.toString()(poi-developers)
52818 - Added implementation for RANK()(poi-developers)
51564 - support for enforcing fields update in XWPF(poi-developers) 51673 - support grouping rows in SXSSF(poi-developers)
51780 - support replacement of content types in OPC packages (poi-developers)
52057 - updated formula test framework to be aware of recently added Functions (poi-developers)
52574 - support setting header / footer page margins in HSSF(poi-developers)
52583 - fixed WorkbookUtil#createSafeSheetName? to escape colon (poi-developers)
52708 - misc improvements in CellFormat? (poi-developers)
52690 - added a getter for length of encrypted data in Ecma and Agile decryptors(poi-developers)
allow runtime registration of functions in FormulaEvaluator?(poi-developers)
52665 - When reading from a ZipFileZipEntrySource? that has already been closed, give IllegalArgumentException? rather than NPE(poi-developers)
52385 - avoid trancated array and vector data when reading OLE properties(poi-developers)
51498 - fixed evaluation of blank cells in COUNTIF(poi-developers)
52576 - support changing external file references in HSSFWorkbook(poi-developers)
49896 - support external references in FormulaRenderer?(poi-developers)
52527 - avoid exception when matching shared formula records in HSSF(poi-developers)
52568 - Added methods to set/get an XWPFRun's text color(poi-developers)
52566 - Added methods to set/get vertical alignment and color in XWPFTableCell(poi-developers)
52562 - Added methods to get/set a table row's Can't Split and Repeat Header attributes in XWPF(poi-developers)
52561 - Added methods to set table inside borders and cell margins in XWPF(poi-developers)
52569 - Support DConRefRecord in HSSF(poi-developers)
52575 - added an option to ignore missing workbook references in formula evaluator(poi-developers)
52540 - Relax the M4.1 constraint on reading OOXML files, as some Office produced ones do have 2 Core Properties, despite the specification explicitly forbidding this(poi-developers)
52462 - Added implementation for SUMIFS()(poi-developers)
52449 - Support writing XWPF documents with glossaries (Glossaries are not yet supported, but can now be written out again without changes)(poi-developers)
52438 - Update CellDateFormatter? to handle times without seconds(poi-developers)
52389 - Support ?/? as well as #/# fractions, and tighten DataFormatter? rules for fraction matching(poi-developers)
52378 - Support for WORKDAY and NETWORKDAYS functions(poi-developers)
52349 - Merge the logic between the TEXT function and DataFormatter?(poi-developers)
52349 - Correctly support excel style date format strings in the TEXT function(poi-developers)
52369 - XSSFExcelExtractor should format numeric cells based on the format strings applied to them(poi-developers)
52369 - Event based XSSF parsing should handle formatting of formula values in XSSFSheetXMLHandler(poi-developers)
52348 - Avoid exception when creating cell style in a workbook that has an empty xf table(poi-developers)
52314 - enhanced SheetUtil?.getColumnWidth(poi-developers)
51875 - More XSSF new-line in formula support(poi-developers)
POIFS EntryUtils?.copyNodes(POFS,POIFS) now uses FilteringDirectoryNode?, so can exclude from copying nodes not just directly under the root(poi-developers)
POIFS Helper FilteringDirectoryNode?, which wraps a DirectoryEntry? and allows certain parts to be ignored(poi-developers)
52190 - null check on XWPF setFontFamily(poi-developers)
52050 - Support for the Excel RATE function(poi-developers)
51949 - Avoid NPE on double close of ZipFileZipEntrySource?(poi-developers)
51950 - XWPF fix for footnotes not always being present in a document(poi-developers)
51963 - Correct AreaReference? handling of references containing a sheet name which includes a comma(poi-developers)
51834 - Opening and Writing .doc file results in corrupt document(poi-developers)
Allow the passing of a File object to WorkbookFactory?.create, which permits lower memory processing than the InputStream? version(poi-developers)
51850 - support creating comments in XSSF on an earlier slide when later ones already have them(poi-developers)
New PackagePart? method getRelatedPart(PackageRelationship?) to simplify navigation of relations between OPC Parts(poi-developers)
51832 - handle XLS files where the WRITEPROTECT record preceeds the FILEPASS one, rather than following as normal(poi-developers)
51809 - correct GTE handling in COUNTIF(poi-developers)
51670 - avoid LeftoverDataException? when reading .xls files with invalid LabelRecords?(poi-developers)
51196 - prevent NPE in XWPFPicture.getPictureData() (poi-developers)
51196 - more progress with Chart APi in XSSF(poi-developers)
51785 - Allow XSSF setForceFormulaRecalculation to work with the minimal ooxml-schemas jar(poi-developers)

Reviews for this release

TNX! For a great product! The new addition with the isRightToLeft just saved my day! Thanks!
by ofear on Dec 2, 2013 at 5:45 AM
by diaoliya on Oct 19, 2013 at 11:42 PM
Nothing bat to say, It allows me to read xls and xlsx files and write them too, I can even use an xlsx as template and edit some cells only directly from c#.
by gab_espinoza on Aug 27, 2013 at 3:19 PM
It is nice !But I want to know the version supports chart operation?
by Juhn on Jul 18, 2013 at 5:16 AM
when i use XSSFWorkbook as "XSSFWorkbook xwb = new XSSFWorkbook(fileName);" it's very slow when running this sentence,(a simple excel 2007 temp) need around 7-8 seconds. could you please give me some suggestion? many thanks.
by ahlwz on Jun 3, 2013 at 10:06 AM
It ' s nice. Thanks for sharing
by sunke861 on May 24, 2013 at 10:10 AM
KeyNotFoundException at ShiftRows
by cancelpc on Mar 20, 2013 at 9:38 AM
by qnzu on Mar 18, 2013 at 2:16 PM